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Insurtech meets broker: Insoore strikes up a partnership with Acrisure Italia

Rome, 21st March 2023

Insoore and Acrisure Italia announce the signing of a strategic partnership. Thanks to the agreement, customers of Acrisure Italia, a top retail insurance broker focused on the digital evolution of the market, will benefit from the technology of Insoore, an insurtech company that provides a more efficient and digital claims management process.

The agreement provides that Insoore will support Acrisure Italia in introducing technologically advanced solutions for customer satisfaction of policyholders, offering greater efficiency, transparency, and speed in the management of processes. Specifically, Acrisure Italia will be the first client of Insoore to test the new platform developed by the insurtech for brokers, confirming its commitment to being a cutting-edge company in the market.

As stated by Enrico Scianaro, CEO of Whoosnap, the company that owns Insoore: "The collaboration with Acrisure Italia is a fundamental step in our growth strategy. We are excited to partner with Acrisure Italia, an important and attentive player in the insurance sector's ongoing transformations. We have worked hard to create an automated claims management tool for brokers, leveraging the cutting-edge AI technologies we are developing. We are thrilled to see it enter the market in collaboration with a forward-thinking partner like Acrisure Italia."

"This strategic alliance with Insoore marks a further step forward in our already consolidated relationship, enabling us to strengthen our joint offering in the market," said Francesco Sardara, CFO and COO of Acrisure Italia S.p.A. "My team and I are thrilled to collaborate closely with Insoore and to test their new platform developed for brokers, which will make claims management even more efficient. These new technologies will allow us to seek ever more efficient and innovative solutions."

The agreement between Insoore and Acrisure Italia can expand beyond national borders and introduce the model to other countries, highlighting Italy's potential as an innovative and groundbreaking market.

Whoosnap is the company that gave birth to Insoore. Insoore is an insurtech company that enhances accuracy, digitization, and efficiency in document collection and claims management processes for all stakeholders involved. This is achieved by developing technological infrastructures and communities of people. Insoore provides modular and configurable services that enable seamless integration with various customer workflows.

On the Insoore website there is a press section 'Press & Media', with a complete company profile and the history of the press releases.

Acrisure italia S.p.A. is one of the leading retail insurance brokers and a member of the Italian Association of Insurance Brokers (AIBA). With thirty years of experience in the insurance sector, their team of professionals has developed a high level of expertise, innovation, and efficiency in resource and risk management. They operate nationally and internationally, providing quality services to their clients.

Acrisure Italia was acquired in April 2021 by the US brokerage company Acrisure, which ranks among the top-10 global brokers and among the best fintech service providers.

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